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Oh if I could only go and spend an afternoon with Jack....

93 years old. Living in the cabin he made himself. Making violin bows in his workshop. What a lovely portrait of a man...


Video by Grace Jackson.
First seen on the fabulous website Cabin Porn.

Somethin' For The Soul

Sometimes there's nothing that can reach the soul quite like a voice speaking out through worn in speakers. This week I've been taken by some words and notes in the form of the following:

James Vincent McMorrow "We Don't Eat"

Swan Sessions: Melaena Cadiz "Neon Drag

Sun Kil Moon "I Know It's Pathetic But That Was The Greatest Night"

Tomboy Style

Sorry for the intense radio silence! I beg your forgiveness for going so incommunicado...but can I ply you with some seriously stylish goodness? Yes? Maybe? Good! You won't regret it...because today I bring you the a preview of one of my favorite blogs come book "Tomboy Style." Seriously this blog is one of the first that I check on a daily basis. It totally feeds my inner tomboy bad ass...and I love it!

                   Tomboy Style: Beyond the Boundaries of Fashion from pier pictures on Vimeo.

Thanks Lizzie Garrett Mettler for creating this beautiful stylish Tomboy haven. I know which book has just jumped to the top of my "next purchase" list.