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You Made It Weird

I love when life delivers an unexpected pat on the back to say "don't worry...we get you." That's how I felt when I clicked play and started listening to the latest You Made It Weird podcast where host Pete Holmes sat down with one of my favorite musicians, Glen Hansard. I listened to this 2 hour open dialogue filled with such honest insightful meanderings and felt as if I'd been a part of the conversation. What a gift it is to hear two people speak so candidly about ideas/questions/observations that reopen threads of thought that were, somewhat unknowingly, tucked away. Almost like energetic ties asking to be picked up again. 

I highly recommend a listen:

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A Little Music With Your Coffee - The Trifecta

Today is a day of firsts. New artist. New album. New blend.

Today I happily went down the pop culture rabbit hole. It started this morning with Pop Culture Happy Hour's Stephen Thompson (All Songs Considered) recommending a recent A.V. Undercover episode with Sylvan Esso & Jenn Wasner (Wye Oak & Flock of Dimes) covering one of my favorite Gillian Welch songs "Everything is Free." music day was made.

Tonight, inspired by my morning discovery, I set out on a musical treasure hunt. I researched artist after artist...until my digging led me right back to one of my all-time favorites, Mr. Ryan Adams. Holy mother...I'm a little late to the party but his EP "I Do Not Feel Like Being Good" (2015) is Ryan at his stripped down best. "This is just me and my acoustic guitar and a story to tell." - Ryan Adams. I was 100% in love with this gem of an EP after only the first few chords. You instinctively know when a song has a soul all its own, it's an intrinsic, visceral reaction.

After falling in love over and over again listening to "I Do Not Feel Like Being Good," I noticed that Ryan's label PaxAm produced a 7" this past Spring by a singer named Phoebe Bridgers called "Killer." Again, from the the first few chords I was all hers. I wanted to hear everything she had to tell me. 

So tonight, as I prep my batch of cold brew for it's overnight bath, I'm being serenaded by old favorites, new standards and a satisfied heart. Tomorrow, they'll still be whispering stories in hummed melodies as I taste my first cup of Turbinate Isidro by Manners Roasters purchased at Barista. Life is good.



Have you ever had one of those songs that you just can't get over? You know...the ones that whenever you listen to them they just get inside you somehow and you can literally feel them? No matter how many times you hear it, you just can't get enough. One of those songs for me is the incredible "Unfucktheworld" by Angel Olsen. I just can't with this song...I just can't...

What's one of your "I just can't with this song" songs? Which ones hit your bloodstream every time you listen?