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You Made It Weird

I love when life delivers an unexpected pat on the back to say "don't worry...we get you." That's how I felt when I clicked play and started listening to the latest You Made It Weird podcast where host Pete Holmes sat down with one of my favorite musicians, Glen Hansard. I listened to this 2 hour open dialogue filled with such honest insightful meanderings and felt as if I'd been a part of the conversation. What a gift it is to hear two people speak so candidly about ideas/questions/observations that reopen threads of thought that were, somewhat unknowingly, tucked away. Almost like energetic ties asking to be picked up again. 

I highly recommend a listen: http://nerdist.com/you-made-it-weird-279-glen-hansard/

  Photo via GlenHansardMusic.com

Photo via GlenHansardMusic.com