Prepping the canvas

Evening now creeps into the 4 o'clock hour. The clouds have settled in to place amongst the Portland sky. My coat, boots and scarf are now permanent fixtures by my front door. It has arrived...

My creative, moody weather.

To celebrate, I thought I'd finally write a new blog post. A little note of what has been inspiring me lately. The dream of Hanks and Bennet is now closer than ever, so I say it's time to prep the canvas.

H&B is coming soon...

The manifestation of a dream come true takes creative here's a glimpse of what's been inspiring me lately as I drink my coffee:

I want to live inside of Marte Marie Forsberg's Instagram. Seriously. I'm not kidding. I mean look at it! Do you blame me?

These albums on repeat:

Daydreaming of my nest:

Above photos found via Pinterest