Tell Us A Story


I went out on a date once where after I got through telling a story from my odd collection of life events, I said to him "Well we all have stories right? I mean I'm sure you have many." To which he replied:

"No. Not really."


Wait what?

It really took me aback.

How can anyone say that they don't have any stories to tell? Have you been locked in a Harry Potter type closet under the stairs until this very moment when you stepped out to this little bar on Hollywood Blvd.? Wait...that's not even an example...that kid would have lots of stories to tell! What brings someone to say they have no stories? Is it judgment...a self inflicted gauge of the extent to which we live our lives? Can unmet expectations make us view our experiences as unworthy of sharing with another human being?

A story can't be measured. It's the storyteller that brings it life, gives it heft, responsibility...perseverance. A story doesn't exist unless it is told.

I like stories. I love storytellers. Personal experience is individual yet never singular. It's our very own little vantage point of a very vast universe. Why are we here with one another, unless it's to share this odd mutual experience of ours. So to that guy, to that someone who says they have no stories to tell. Oh yes you absolutely do. Just dig deep enough and tell us.

I'm seriously all ears.