Inspiration Station

Every artistically minded/creativity loving person has their very own "inspiration station"...a constantly evoloving place where their creativity gets a kickstart; A place where their heart goes pitter pat at the sight of their design aspirations/kindred aestehetic in plain view ready for their own interpretation. For me here's my current "inspration station." Welcome to my land of ooos and ahhs:

One Minute Wonders:

A tumblr filled with one minute glimpses into the minds of creative, intelligent people doing their own thing out in the world. One minutes reminders of "it is possible."

The Makers:

Photographer Jennifer Causey captures the story of true "makers." People honing their craft in their own beautiful ways. Coffee connoisseurs, jewelry designers, textile artisans, fragrance curators and more are captured in Ms. Causey's beautiful photographic style. I've been a fan for quite a while now and am always highly anticipating her latest updates.  (The Makers will be released as a book in 2012)

The Jeweler: Caroline Ventura of BRVTVS: Photographed by Jennifer Causey

Photo of the homepage of The Makers

Kinfolk Magazine: Journal

Kinfolk is by far my favorite magazine ever. Published only 4 times a year, this paper bound gem feels like a precious gift each time you unfold its pages. The photography, the writing, the features, the typeface, the paper stock and finish...everything is pitch perfect in my book. So it comes no surprise that their online journal is a constant source of inspiration for me. Being someone whose dream it is to one day open my own coffeehouse with a highly curated boutique attached, my passion is sparked each time I see an update on the Kinfolk Journal.

Kinfolk Contributor: Nicole Franzen
Blossom Tea Party photographed by Aya Yamato