This Week's Trifecta

Photo of Elizabeth McGovern found here
Yes. I have finally jumped on the Downton Abbey train. All I'd been hearing lately was Downton this, Downton that... so I finally had to see what all the fuss was about. Verdict: the fuss is very well deserved.

I devoured the first season in a netflix watching frenzy. I had the "oh man it's 2am...well...just one more" moment. I highly recommend catching up on the first season, so that you can start watching the second season which is now airing on PBS. The acting, writing, set design, costumes etc. all come together in such a seemless, yummy...shall I say "downton" kind of way.

Movie poster found here
I wish I could have been present to experience firsthand the creativity bouncing off the walls of 901 Washington Blvd. in Venice, CA during the 45 years that Ray and Charles Eames called it "home." Well it wasn't really their home (it was their studio and workshop) but the sentence just sounds better that way doesn't it? ;)

An architect without a degree and a painter who rarely painted shared a name that's become synonymous with the design movement that is called mid century modern. I had the pleasure of watching the documentary "Eames: The architect and the painter" this past week on, you guessed it, netflix. As the credits began to roll at the end of the film, I was still filling pages and pages of my journal with notes and sketches. What madcap geniuses these two were! Zany and imperfect seers of the unseen. It was fascinating to learn more about the creative process behind the "eames era" title. I think it's time to start a personal Eames chair fund, because I just know that a pretty rocking one is just waiting to find a home in my living room.

Garance Dore
To complete this week's trifecta, we have the coolness that is Garance Dore. There's not much to say about her...except...she's just pure inspirational awesomeness. Photographer, illustrator, and quirky cool writer...she's an aspirational woman who's workin' it out there in the world being purely Garance. Love. Love. Love.