A new day


In all honesty, 2011 wasn't exactly the easiest year for me. There were challenges, changes and moments which required intense focus, courage and faith. Within all of that though, were gorgeous pockets of beauty, inspiration and love. So although, I can't exactly say I'm sad to let 2011 go, I do thank it for all that it taught me and with that...I set it free and embrace 2012 with open arms. 

I believe it's going to be a magical year. Can you feel it? There's a new breeze kissing our skin. I felt it today on my walk to the village (I love that I live in Los Angeles and can still say "I walked to village" without embellishment). The air was just beginning to cool, the gentle rays of the sleepily setting sun dappled the pavement, and I could see the moon beginning to appear on the horizon. 

And I felt it...

It's a new year. A new day.