Oh Radio


I have my own personal, internal radio station. It will randomly tune to songs that I haven't heard in ages and play them on repeat. Over and over again, until I get the message. I'll all of a sudden bust out in some obscure anthem, seemingly out of no where. But it's coming from somewhere isn't it?

Whenever a new song gets tuned in, I listen. Sometimes the best way for the subconscious to communicate is through lyrics and notes. It's a way for us to remember.

Has a random song ever popped up in your mind and held on tight? A song that makes you think..."What the what?! Where on earth did that come from?" Usually that's the moment to listen. Yes even that B52s song that you haven't heard in 15 years, that you never really listened to except in passing...it's got a story for you.

"gettin' nothin' but static. gettin' nothin' but static. static in my attic from Channel Z." At one point I had that one in my head for three days!

My most recent internal radio song: Smashing Pumpkins "Muzzle" - "My life has been extraordinary...blessed and cursed and won...I know that I am meant for this world."

What's yours?