90's grrrl

I saw the following comment underneath one of the videos that I've embedded below and it inspired me to write this post: "I really miss the angry female singers of the 90's. Tracy Bonham, Shirley Manson, Alanis Morisette. Where'd the anger go?"

Yes. Good question. Where'd the anger go? As women, sometimes we feel that anger isn't pretty and therefore it's to be avoided. Anger isn't what we're "supposed" to be. Especially in the age of self help gurus etc., we feel as if we have to adhere to a very strict guideline of "positive thinking"...or else. Or else what? Anger is a normal human emotion. We as women do have anger. And trying to ignore that fact makes it turn into something even uglier. Why not be angry? I'm not talking about screaming at someone or being a complete ass, that's sooo not helpful to anyone involved. I'm talking about channeling it into grrrrl expression. Powerful feminine mojo. Get it out. Be a bad ass. A little bad ass is good for every woman once in a while.

So here are a few of the 90's grrrls, to help you tap in to your inner bad ass. Jump around the room. It's okay. It feels good right?