Lady Blogger Crushes

Today is the day for some unabashed blogger love. There are some awesome ladies out there who inspire me on a daily basis that I have to call out as the truly fabulous and creative women that they are. Here are some of my lady blogger crushes:

Bri Emery of DesignLoveFest:

Quirky, lively and just flat out adorable. Bri inspires me on a daily basis to have fun and not be afraid of playing outside the box in style and in life.

Jamie Beck of FromMeToYou:

Such a classic beauty (I mean just look at her in the photos from her blog above!) and unbelievable talent. She inspires me on a daily basis to enjoy the elegance of life and embrace my love of all things graceful and lovely. She also inspires me to pick up the camera and take a look around...there's beauty in the details.

Emma Anne Robertson of Emmadime:

Impeccable taste and an adorable personality make Emma one of my new favorite bloggers. I only found her blog a month or so ago, but she's quickly zoomed her way towards the top of my "daily read" list. I also love her awesome knits!

Lizzie Garrett of TomboyStyle:

Emerson Fry as featured on Tomboy Style

It's no secret that I'm in love with classic elegance and femininity, but did you know that I have an inner tomboy, kick ass female that just loves to come out and play? Oh I do. Honestly, I think that every woman does. Lizzie Garrett's Tomboy Style invites her to come out and play. When I scan my google reader, one of the first places I look to see if there's a new post is this blog. I love it!

Miss James of BleubirdVintage:

Miss James and her adorable family doing one of their style posts on BleubirdVintage

Miss James and her adorable family are the centerpiece of the Bleubird Vintage experience. She just has the unexplainable something special that makes her and her blog an absolute delight to follow. She has an awesome individual style in life that makes her stand out from the pack in such a lovely and fun way. She doesn't try to be awesome...she just is.

There are so many more wonderful lady bloggers out there that bring their special vision to the blogosphere. Far too many for me to list in one post, so here is my small sample of fabulous and stylish women who inspire me on a daily basis. Thank you for the all the lovely lady bloggers out there! Keep doing what you do. :)