Looking for love - Paris photograph
Photo by Irene Suchocki
Tonight I stepped out of the house just as the moon was taking its place in the sky.  The smell of fall coming to replace the summer is in the air. I have to admit, summer is not my favorite time of year. I like it best when it's a bit cooler. The air seems fresher and ripe with possibilities.

On my way home I rolled my windows down and got the instinct to turn off the CD that had been playing. A few moments later, as I smiled from the mix of the cooler wind on my skin and the sounds of nighttime rolling in, I noticed the street lamps come on. I'd been asking for some guidance the past few days with so much commotion raging in my mind. This small moment of light bulbs coming to life made me think, "if we find that moment of stillness, we'll notice the lights come on."

I'm going to sit with that tonight.