My friend Jenny used to call my little studio apartment in Portland, OR "the nest." It was a cozy collection of my personal favorite lovelies cohesively gathered in mix-matched yet graceful imperfection. Just the way I like it. ;)

Since I moved down to LA with only the things that would fit in my car (the rest was sold or given away), I've been lucky enough to live on my cousins' beautiful property in their nanny cottage. Although the cottage is filled with such lovely things, I do look forward to the day when I can build a place of my own again and build the new physical "nest".

Nesting doesn't only have to relate to the physical though. We create a nest of images on a daily basis. Things we see, hear, taste, smell, think, laugh about, cry all creates a lovely nest of recollection and beauty.

Beauty in all its forms makes my heart all twitterpated. So here are some of the things that are making up my inspiration nest recently:


I finally made it to Broome Street General Store in Silverlake yesterday and it's just as lovely as I thought it would be! So many great kitchen goods, knick knacks and, oh my, delicious delectables. I got their little mini baguette sandwich smothered with creamy goat cheese, sweet aged balsamic vinegar and crunchy cucumber. Yum. You can see some great photos of the interiors of Broome Street General Store on Bonnie Tsang's blog here:

I've been listening to Adele's album, 21, a lot in the car recently. It's funny how you can focus on certain songs for a while when discovering a new album, but as it becomes more familiar to you, a song that you didn't pay as much attention to suddenly reveals itself to you in such a poignant way. This happened to me with the song "Someone Like You." The emotion in her voice and the vulnerable strength of the song are really so visceral.


The smell of Cafe Du Monde coffee as it cold brews for future iced coffee breaks.

I bought a beautiful vintage, pink, floor length, rayon nightgown at the most recent Rose Bowl Flea Market and today I realized something wonderful about it (well besides it being wonderful on its own). I was looking at my favorite items list on my etsy account and noticed that not too long ago I "favorited" a nightgown that looked quite similar to the one that is now hanging in my bathroom. I had completely forgotten that I'd "favorited" that nightgown. But nesting works in lovely ways. Here's a pick of my new nightgown:

Here's the link to the nightgown that I "favorited" on etsy: Vintage Nightgown on Etsy

Not exactly the same, but the same idea. Pretty cool right?

So what about you? Have you ever cut out a picture in a magazine or took a mental picture of something which later revealed itself in your life (in a slightly different shape but with the same essence)?