Style Maker: "Stephanie"

As we grow up there are people, characters, personalities that help form our own personal style. For me, the movies I've watched during my now 31 years on this earth have definitely had a distinct effect on the formation of my individual style. So, I've decided to share some of them...the characters that have made me say to myself, "she's so cool."

My choice for this particular post was inspired by my favorite podcast "Pop Culture Happy Hour" from NPR. I've been catching up on a stockpile of recent "episodes" and listened to one where they were talking about movies that you just have to watch whenever they're on TV. It may not be a what you would call a "great" movie, but you just can't help but watch it over and over again.

One of my personal "it's so bad it's good" films is the cheesy, wonderfully awful musical, Grease 2. 
Stephanie Zinone played by Michelle Pfieffer was the ultimate cool chick when I was young.

photo of Michelle Pfieffer on set of Grease 2 found on

I would reinact the entire "cool rider" number in my bedroom with the video on repeat. When she was on the ladder, I'd use the standing fan as a make shift prop. She was just the coolest in her all black outfit. I recreated it with what I had in my closet when I was in highschool after watching it again one weekend.

So Stephanie is one of mine...what's one of yours?