40's Hair

01.19.10 | it's the little things...

While home in bed this weekend with a cold/flu (yuck) I came across a great youtube video about how to create a 40's hairstyle. It was one of those "that blog which led me to that blog, which led me to that video which led me to that video, which led me to that website" sort of moments. I love those moments! That's what brought me to Casey and her blog www.elegantlyamusings.com. Check out her youtube channel which has the great vintage hair and makeup tutorials including the one that got me hooked: ElegantlyAmused YouTube Channel

Thank you Casey for reconnecting me to my love for 40's style and giving such great how-to tips! 

02.23.11 | warming days


11.17.10 vintage flair: make a faux fur collar!